Bakkenson Building Group can help preserve original elements of your renovation delivering a product that retains the original architecture. From ground up to remodel and renovation, BBG has been able to acheive satisfaction for the most discerning clients.


Office renovation, store front, loading dock, parking structures, recycling centers. A lot of people depend on keeping your business running. No one knows this better that the Project Management at Bakkenson Building Group. Carefully scheduled, utilizing every resource to create a seamless construction project keeping your business running smooth.

Multi Family

Bakkenson Building Group has been a part of rebuilding for over 17 years. Having constructed over a 100 units in the redevelopment areas of the greater Los Angeles, we know what team work means to a project’s success.

Mixed Use

With the real estate market being what it is today, more that ever, creative thinking has become paramount. Looking beyond the perceivable for new ways to maximize land use, Bakkensen Building Group has been a part of many mixed use building construction.The idea of retailers on the ground floor and residential above has turned an otherwise unprofitable project into a real winner.

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